The bee’s knees…

She’s one of my best friends. To me, Mary-Todd is pretty much the bee’s knees. So it was only fitting that’d she’d end up with Jon – one of the classiest fellas I know. And by classy – we’re talking about a man whose music taste rises above the rest…and that’s only the beginning. Mary-Todd & Jon exude the type of independence in a relationship that only makes the other better. They are each other’s biggest fans. They represent spontaneity and all things quirky.  They are always up for a good show, good beer and good company. And more than anything, these two know how to show up, listen, and be present…always, always, always. I’ll be saving the date to stand on the other side of the camera in August. It means the world to me to be a part of their world…Love you guys!

Jenna and I are gearing up for the SUBSTANCE workshop at the end of the month. It’s been an inspiring couple of days re-hashing how we got into this business, what it has given us, what we hope to give back…and what makes us tick. Here’s wishing you inspiration in whatever Thursday brings!


5 Responses to “The bee’s knees…”

  1. Kay Vann says:

    I absolutely loved ALL the pictures of Mary Todd and Jon! You did a fabulous job of capturing their love for each other. Thanks for a job well done from MTV’s mom!

  2. Sherry Moseley says:

    The pictures are outstanding! What a wonderful job, and it is that much more special because of your friendship with Jon and Mary Todd. I can’t wait to get some photos for our wall as well. :)
    Thank you,
    Jon’s Mom, Sherry

  3. Jon's dad, Pat says:

    What a beautiful job you did, the pictures are super! Jon and Mary Todd are special and you showed that with your camera. Thanks.

  4. [...] Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself “man, she got really really really good at photography while she was in Telluride”.  Don’t be fooled.  I still am pretty terrible, but one of the bridesmaids, Katie (yes, her name is Katie too), actually takes pictures for a living.  She is part of the really talented team of Jenna Walker Photographers. She was gracious enough to let me post these photos.  You can see more of her work here.   She did the bride and groom’s engagement pictures too.  You should DEFINITELY check them out here. [...]

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