Dashing through the snow

13 December 2011

It’s never too late to be a kid again. Whether Jeff wanted to remember those childhood memories of snowy boots or not, I’m not sure. But like a trooper, Jeff & Julia traipsed through the snow like the kids you and I remember being. And…

it. was. awesome.

There’s something about the winter light, the snow, the quietness of the season – all of it makes all the good things shine a little brighter. Julia & Jeff are no exception. They came up from warmer climates and well, I can’t say enough great things about the grand ol’ time they brought to Colorado. They’ll be making it official this March. Woohoo!

much love!


Play on…

8 April 2011

…the world needs more music!

Sarah & Stu are getting married this September at the very summer camp they met at – love this! They are pretty much mostly awesome mostly…phenomenal individuals, a phenomenal couple, doing phenomenal things to move and shake their corners of the world. Nothing short of inspiring! Excited for you two!

Happy Friday! Go make music!


The bee’s knees…

3 March 2011

She’s one of my best friends. To me, Mary-Todd is pretty much the bee’s knees. So it was only fitting that’d she’d end up with Jon – one of the classiest fellas I know. And by classy – we’re talking about a man whose music taste rises above the rest…and that’s only the beginning. Mary-Todd & Jon exude the type of independence in a relationship that only makes the other better. They are each other’s biggest fans. They represent spontaneity and all things quirky.  They are always up for a good show, good beer and good company. And more than anything, these two know how to show up, listen, and be present…always, always, always. I’ll be saving the date to stand on the other side of the camera in August. It means the world to me to be a part of their world…Love you guys!

Jenna and I are gearing up for the SUBSTANCE workshop at the end of the month. It’s been an inspiring couple of days re-hashing how we got into this business, what it has given us, what we hope to give back…and what makes us tick. Here’s wishing you inspiration in whatever Thursday brings!


Meagan and Martin – Engaged

2 January 2011

Right before Christmas, I had the chance to fly down to Phoenix for the day to photograph Meagan and Martin’s engagement session.   These two are amazing people and they’ll be tying the knot this coming summer on a ranch outside of Steamboat Spring, Colorado – Heather Allen of Table 6 Productions is planning the event – and I can’t wait to see what they create.  Meagan and Martin – you are genuine and authentic  – and so humble.   Here are just a few shots from the shoot…

(And if Martin looks familiar at all…you may have seen him on the PGA Tour.   Yep.  He’s THAT talented – he’ll just never tell you himself!)

Congrats Meagan and Martin!


Congratulations Conor and Maura!

24 November 2010

November has been an amazing month in a few of our very close friends lives.   Both Conor & Maura and Nate & Laurel – some of our most dear friend we know – got engaged!   Matty was lucky enough to play “I SPY” on Conor and Maura with a long telephoto lens and captured the entire engagement.   Here are just a few photos that bring me joy and happiness!

Just an FYI – Conor is actually the techie genius behind our web site and has been a long time friend of ours…him and Matty play guitar together at least once a week – and someday…hopefully soon…we’ll see a musical debut from them!  Of course, they play regularly in our back yard around the fire…and Conor is probably most famous for his heart and ear wrenching version of “Time After Time” by Cindi Lauper.

We love you guys!

Jenna, Matty and Katie

To have a creative space like this…

22 October 2010

When I walked into Tim and Becky’s historic family cabin – the first thing I said was, “It seems as though someone should be writing a fiction novel here…it is just such a creative space.”  And sure enough – Tim’s mom is a novelist…and this is where she writes.  I was lucky enough to spend a fog soaked rainy afternoon with Tim and Becky in this space and on the lake.   Here are just a few from the shoot…

More photos from their wedding and the 40 other weddings that Katie, Matt and I have photographed over the past summer soon to come!    Slowly – we are gonna get there!!!

Here’s to great creative spaces!



20 October 2010

Jodi and Drew are having the most amazing wedding next summer at Crooked Willow Farms- can’t wait you guys!

Much love,


Wanting Winter

30 September 2010

(Images above photographed by Katie in Winter 2010…)

Growing up in Minnesota – I think we are some of the few people on earth that LOVE the cold and snow.    Ski season is just around the corner and before you know it we’ll be hitting the lifts at MaryJane!   Which reminds me…MUST. BUY. SKI. PASS…how is that not on the top of the list right now?!

Much love!


At the Ocean PART II. FIND Workshop 5.0.2

15 September 2010

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


At the Ocean. FIND Workshop 5.0.2

14 September 2010

This past July, Matt and I had the opportunity to attend the absolutely amazing, hysterical and  talented Jonathan Canlas’ workshop out in San Diego.   Here are just a few images from Day 1 on the shores of Cali…if you ever have the opportunity to attend a photo workshop – do it.  All out inspiring – and good for the photography soul.  Plus – we got to visit the ocean…what else can you really ask for?

Much love,