Sarah & Stuart on Style Me Pretty

21 March 2012

Nothing beats a summer camp wedding! We were fortunate to bop on up to Camp Cheley outside of Estes Park this past September for Sarah & Stu’s big day – which took place at the very spot they met. Today, you can read their full story on Style Me Pretty. Many thanks to the rockstars behind their vision – Calluna Events, Plum Sage Flowers and Pink Monkey Solutions.

For the full feature, click here.

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Couture Colorado spotlight

13 March 2012

We’re quite lucky to be a part of an amazing community of wedding professionals here in Denver. And Laura at Couture Colorado takes the cake for highlighting all the movin’ and shakin’ happening in that world. Couture Colorado is incredible resource for all things Colorado wedding. We’re grateful for today’s spotlight on her blog. sorta fun!

For the full interview, bop on over to Couture Colorado here.

Here’s to a great week!

all of us

Take time…

10 March 2012

…to celebrate!

“Turn the wheel of your life. Make complete revolutions. Celebrate every turning. And persevere with joy.”

(Deng Ming-Dao)

Here’s to great joy and great celebration this Friday.

much love,

all of us

Welcome to the world Hattie Jane!

3 March 2012

Wow. What a week.  This past Monday morning – Matt and I were blessed with the birth of our second daughter – Hattie Jane.   She is beautiful and the world around us has stopped in her little perfectness.   The world just feels right.  There is just nothing more amazing than the birth of a baby – and I’m so grateful to all of you that have supported us as our family has grown!

As photographers, there is nothing I value more than real life captured in it’s real authenticity and beauty – as it happens.   My sister Katie was with us for Hattie’s birth to document the whole thing…I can’t imagine not having these photos 30 years from now – and as a new mom…the blur of it all during birth – I am forever grateful to Katie for these images in the slideshow below…

So much love,


Here’s a thought…

25 February 2012

let’s go anywhere!

here’s to a friday, a weekend, and a lifetime of finding the best adventures – on a map, out in the world and in the hearts of those who fill your life!



8 February 2012

One of the things I love most before a wedding is the calm before everyone arrives.  I love the energy of anticipation and the way a bride or groom often will just find a quiet place as they await the day.  Emily is such a sweet soul.   She is calm by nature – but I loved how she just grasped her tea and watched everyone else hurry around her.   She exuded contentment.  I had a roll of black and white film to finish up – so we took a few simple portraits in a series…this is the way “getting ready” was meant to be for Emily.

And as the day went on – here is just a tiny snippet…

Pat and Emily are so kind and genuine – and of course – they have AMAZING taste in music…

Cheers to a great week!


keepin’ it wonky

18 January 2012

“kill your tv. bake cake. drink tea. play a kazoo. choose handmade. love your town. sing. keep it wonky. barter & swap. write letters. make stuff. champion the underdog. grow your community. love all the people. live your life. be kind.” (aardvark manifesto 2010)

for all that and more, thank you cate & jonas. what makers and doers you are.

beautiful floral by Laura at Fiori

keep it wonky, keep it fun!


…and if you’re needing inspiration, check out Cate’s music & Jonas’ photos.


9 January 2012

of inspiration….just working on an event inspiration board for the upcoming Sewell Ballroom Bridal Show on January 22nd and thought I’d share…if you are a bride getting married in 2012 and are interested in going to this show for FREE – I have 5 pairs of two free tickets to give away ($30 value) – shoot me an email and we’ll get them your way! Here is more info on the event:

What a year brings…

31 December 2011

I always love New Years Eve…there is just something about being on the precipice of the unknown of a new year – and looking back on the year gone by – and to have the optimism and hope of good things to come.    I’ve wised up a bit over the years and realized that the goals of a new year don’t happen in the first few “perfect” days of a new year – but instead – our ambitions and resolutions have to be ongoing – and every single day brings you a new opportunity to seize your true self – and exactly where you think you fit into this world.    2011 taught us about “going for it” – through that being the theme with our SUBSTANCE workshops for women – to embarking on the beginnings of some creative projects we’ve thought about for years (more on that later) – to Katie making the trip of a lifetime to Ethiopia while learning what making a difference was really all about…our message to ourselves was to learn through action – and without beginnings there can be nothing else.   Because just by starting – you are going somewhere…

Katie, Matt and I had the good fortune of working with over 40 couples on their weddings, spending 6 tear and laughter filled days with 26 amazing women in our SUBSTANCE photography workshops (you gave way more to us that we ever could to you!) and over 100 amazing families through treeSwing Kids.   You ALL make life beautiful and as I sit here this morning – I just need to say to each of you  – that we value our time with you and your lives captured is something we are so proud to be a part of.  So – really truly – thank you for that.

2012 will bring us plenty of new beginnings with the arrival of Baby Walker #2 in just 8 short weeks (or so)…no doubt that will stop us in our tracks with awe like Story did just 3 short years ago.    2012 is filled with goals of making things happen – and to take more risk without the fear of failure.  To be comfortable in uncomfortable places…

So join us in 2012 – be great – be bold – be unafraid – and I say – GO FOR IT!

Happy New Year!


A homecoming

21 December 2011

There are the moments that define us as fellow humans – moments that remind us we are all in this together, moments that reveal our great capacity to love.

About a year ago as I waited for a flight back home for the holidays, I saw a young soldier saying his goodbyes to his family. Just minutes earlier, I was grumpily going through the standard airport security routines. You know the drill – taking off your shoes, removing your laptop from its case, fiddling with your watch…these are the things that troubled my life. You can imagine then – the instant shift in gratitude that was born from watching that young man’s departure. My woes had been put in their place.

On Monday, we saw the good on the other side of those kinds of stories. Captain Mitch Marzo was coming home – to a crew of family and friends who would hold signs at the top of that escalator at DIA we all know so well – the one you’ve always hoped would have a sign for you. Mitch was coming home to the shaking of hands by strangers on the train from the terminal. He was coming home to the claps of a holiday travelers who never expected that kind of giggle cry at Gate A26 on a Monday. But most importantly, Mitch was coming home to a welcome from his biggest, albeit shortest, fans – his daughters. And his wife – who waited the beautiful wait with grace.

Mitch was one of the last soldiers to leave Iraq.

And knows he is one of the lucky ones. In his return, he reminds us there are still countless service members around the world still risking their lives every day. There are daughters who are still waiting on dad to come home, mothers praying for their sons, wives who wait. And there are those who now serve from above – who made the greatest sacrifice.

I know we can’t make that wait end overnight. But what we can do is love. love with all we have. love the kind of love that is abundant in gratitude and inspired by giving.

Thank you Mitch. You remind us today that we have much to be grateful for – and that the world is filled with great great love.

If you would like to honor those who have served, please consider making a donation in gratitude.

The Aaron Grider Foundation : Our dear friend Brittany lost her husband in Afghanistan on his 30th birthday. With strong conviction that hope endures, she dedicates her life helping widows and orphans of the fallen through service-based missions. “While grief and pain are exhausting, service is life-giving.”

The Wounded Warrior Project : We first learned of this non-profit through our clients Kate & Tyler who made a donation to the WWP on behalf of each wedding guest. The WWP provides programs and services to injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life.

With incredible gratitude for the beautiful capacity for love and service in this world,

Katie, Matt & Jenna